Episode 16 – Meatball

meatball_gumballs beerIn the world of craft beer, everyone talks about aging beers. However, today we enjoy a beer that had to be consumed as quickly as possible for the freshest taste; Stone’s Enjoy By IPA (4-1-13).

We give this beer a combined Awesomeness By Volume rating of 941.46%

We have our one word suggestion of Meatball for this episode. It takes us on amazing journey of meatball recipes, video games, Brewvival, and Vincent does his impression of meatwad.

Blake finally gives our little podcast some credibility as he is now an award winning homebrewer with his Chai Masala inspired milk stout, aged on rum soaked wood chips. Give him a hug and a handshake next time you see him.

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3 Responses to Episode 16 – Meatball

  1. Thomas Branch says:

    Hey Blake, I just found and subscribed to your Podcast. We need to do beers sometime soon! Stone Enjoy by IPA will be in my glass today if I can find it thanks to you. Thanks

  2. Blake says:

    Thomas, thanks for the listen! We should definitely do beers sometime. Hope you found a bottle of Enjoy By to devour. Cheers!

  3. Brent Swords #1 Fan Good Time says:

    When I got my tonsils taken out, my throat wouldn’t close all the way any more because my bigass tonsils weren’t there anymore. I had to lean my head back to make sure I didn’t choke. The muscles have tightened since then and I am a good swallower.

    I think that I’ve submitted the word “moist” as a suggestion.

    Nuts RUIN brownies. BOOOOO! Keep your nuts out of my brownies. Brownies should be fudgey.

    Congrats on the award.

    Good stuff, thanks.

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