Episode 18 – Doodlesack

Well, well, well… We’re back to beer reviewin’ and chill out time on everyone’s favorite beer podcast. The last episode was a blitz through the cider realm, rest assured this episode has plenty of story time. For the first (maybe) time, we actually talk more about non-beer stuff than beer stuff. Doodlesack will do that for ya… yep, that’s our word. Little did we know that a doodlesack was another name for a bagpipe, so we went on all sorts of tangents. Don’t worry, we’re all gonna have fun!

It’s spring time… kind of. In Georgia, it’s still pretty cold so we’re not quite there. To support the weather and the time, we eat pumpkin spice cookies and talk about spring gords. Win-win. We aren’t quite sure what gords are in season in the spring, maybe none are. Regardless, the cookies are delish so thanks Cristina!

The Lost Abbey crew with Charlie

We drink Lost Abbey’s 2012 GABF gold medal winning beer, Saint’s Devotion.

This beer won for category 70, Belgian style ales, and you can see the photo of the Lost Abbey/Port crew with the godfather, Charlie Papazian, to the right. It’s a dry-hopped belgian golden with brett. We talk all about it and it’s pretty damn delicious. Vincent rated it at 881.35 and I gave it a 937.60, combining to a 909.475% Awesomeness By Volume rating.  If you have/get a bottle, drink it now.

As promised, I talk about the dance battle of the century at a wedding down in Vidalia and get into all sorts of ramblings. I also offer a free desktop photo. If you really want one, hit us up. Ramble on friends. Cheers!

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