Episode 12 – Cats

disclaimer: while we may consume broken glass on a regular basis on our program, we do not recommend it.

This episode is back down to around the 20 minute mark, but boy oh boy did we fill it full of delicious informative content. Ok, informative is a stretch, but you may learn a thing or two about Fat Joe. When was the last time you learned something about Fat Joe?

Zoe by Maine Beer Company

Keeping it to the names ending in -oe, we drank Zoe by Maine Beer Company and the number one thing we agree on is we need more beer from this brewery. One of the best beers to date on ABV, scoring a whopping 967.1%, it sure was a treat to drink.

We do have a debut with this episode, the hashtag #awesomenessbyvolumedailytagaboutlifehacks. The debut tip being the use of Listerine after eating Captain Crunch to help with CCMS. It’s serious business.

Lastly, check out the Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting coming up in a couple weeks. One of the best beer events in Atlanta every year, we’re really looking forward to it.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone! Cheers!

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One Response to Episode 12 – Cats

  1. Brent Swords #1 Fan Good Time says:

    Portland, Oregon is named for Portland, Maine. The two founders wanted to name the new town after their old home town. They flipped a coin. Portland, Oregon was almost Boston, Oregon.

    If you live alone, and you hurt yourself, a cat will wait until you die and eat you, a dog will get help, true story.

    “Putting your cat on a pedestal.” HAHAHA-Do you even realize what you’ve done?!

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