Episode 19 – Bubble Bath

We’re back! So sorry that we’ve been gone for a while, but we have a bunch of new episodes to share with you all starting now.

Grain StormWe review Boulevard Brewing’s Grainstorm. While the bottle we had was past its prime, it was still a very nice Black Rye IPA.

We gave it a combined Awesomeness Rating of 885.94%

Also, and this is kind of important, when was the last time you took a bubble bath? We’ll discuss that and our ideas for improving the sudsy product.

Leave us some comments, tweet us, suggest a word for a future episode. This podcast is for you and in your hands. Embrace your power.

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Episode 18 – Doodlesack

Well, well, well… We’re back to beer reviewin’ and chill out time on everyone’s favorite beer podcast. The last episode was a blitz through the cider realm, rest assured this episode has plenty of story time. For the first (maybe) time, we actually talk more about non-beer stuff than beer stuff. Doodlesack will do that for ya… yep, that’s our word. Little did we know that a doodlesack was another name for a bagpipe, so we went on all sorts of tangents. Don’t worry, we’re all gonna have fun!

It’s spring time… kind of. In Georgia, it’s still pretty cold so we’re not quite there. To support the weather and the time, we eat pumpkin spice cookies and talk about spring gords. Win-win. We aren’t quite sure what gords are in season in the spring, maybe none are. Regardless, the cookies are delish so thanks Cristina!

The Lost Abbey crew with Charlie

We drink Lost Abbey’s 2012 GABF gold medal winning beer, Saint’s Devotion.

This beer won for category 70, Belgian style ales, and you can see the photo of the Lost Abbey/Port crew with the godfather, Charlie Papazian, to the right. It’s a dry-hopped belgian golden with brett. We talk all about it and it’s pretty damn delicious. Vincent rated it at 881.35 and I gave it a 937.60, combining to a 909.475% Awesomeness By Volume rating.  If you have/get a bottle, drink it now.

As promised, I talk about the dance battle of the century at a wedding down in Vidalia and get into all sorts of ramblings. I also offer a free desktop photo. If you really want one, hit us up. Ramble on friends. Cheers!

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Episode 17 – The Cider Episode (The Sick and Tired episode)

Once upon a time, I told someone that if she were to get us facebook likes, then we’d do a cider episode. We make promises and offers all the time. Some of them unattainable, some are just silly; and frankly, we don’t ever expect people to come through. Well, Amanda Douglas came through and to honor our contractual agreement, we did a cider episode.

Shall we make some cider? But, of course!

Being healthy was never part of the agreement, and while recording this both Vincent and I were both sick and tired. What lies in this episode is a different color of ABV (kind of green and mucusful), but we give 1000% regardless.

We review two macro ciders, Magner’s and Strongbow, which scored a 233.12% and 772.36% ABV rating, respectively. Vince said leading up to the review he was quite a fan of Magner’s and then realized how wrong he was. It was one of the few drinks of the day he didn’t recommend for children.

Then we went a little further down the fruit rabbit hole by drinking the Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Cider which scored a 450%.

Finally, we went with one of the highest ranked ciders in the world which was certainly eventful and actually quite a treat. A clear winner of the day, a 2010 bottle of Etienne Dupont Cidre Bouché Brut de Normandie Bio came in at 945.24%, and was definitely the best cider we’ve ever had.

we had a 2010.

“Wait!!!! There’s no one word suggestion?!” you may ask. No, there isn’t. Don’t worry little bird, we’ll feed ya soon enough.

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Episode 16 – Meatball

meatball_gumballs beerIn the world of craft beer, everyone talks about aging beers. However, today we enjoy a beer that had to be consumed as quickly as possible for the freshest taste; Stone’s Enjoy By IPA (4-1-13).

We give this beer a combined Awesomeness By Volume rating of 941.46%

We have our one word suggestion of Meatball for this episode. It takes us on amazing journey of meatball recipes, video games, Brewvival, and Vincent does his impression of meatwad.

Blake finally gives our little podcast some credibility as he is now an award winning homebrewer with his Chai Masala inspired milk stout, aged on rum soaked wood chips. Give him a hug and a handshake next time you see him.

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Georgia Beer Laws and Our Push For Change

Let’s face it, Georgia beer laws are a little outdated. We’ve made some progress in recent years, however we have now hit a huge milestone that needs our help. Georgia is one of the few states left in the country where it is illegal to buy beer from a brewery. A bill has been introduced to change this and ABInBev’s and SABMiller’s lobbyists are fighting it. We need to stand up for this bill and fight back. Please read this FAQ style guide to understand and do as much as you can to help. If we all try hard enough and get enough people involved, we’ll be able to buy a beer from our favorite brewer, just as we would buy a loaf of bread from a favorite baker.

The proposed bills: HB 314 SB 174 

What businesses are affected?

What does this mean for me?

What does this mean for breweries?

I thought I’ve had a beer at a Georgia brewery, how did that work?

Does this bill favor getting rid of the three tier system?

What if I don’t drink beer, why should I care?

How can I help?

Thank you everyone! This is something very important to me and I hope we change it. Please spread the word and share this guide.

Many thanks,


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Episode 15 – Whitman’s Sampler

Creep Bob hope beer podcastWelcome back boys and girls, or men and women, it’s time for another episode of our beer podcast!

We review Batch 31 Barrel Aged Imperial Stout from 8 Wired Brewing Co.

It’s a dark as night delight and from New Zealand.

It’s a really great beer, folks. Probably the best coming out of NZ, but taking suggestions if anyone has any!

We gave it a combined Awesomeness By Volume rating of 964.32% WOW, that’s damn fine score.

All Georgia listeners should get familiar with House Bill 314. It’s another step to making great local beer more accessible.

We also discuss the nerdy anticipation of the Playstation 4 even though we don’t know anything about it

Also, make sure you go watch Troll 2.

Oh, also, does anyone know if Rob Zombie ever wears a suit?

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Episode 14 – Fish

Jesus PBRWhat a very special episode we have for you all today. We review an american classic Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Our Awesomeness By Volume percentage came out to 810.74%.

We also try to level up to level 20 as we discuss hipsters, phish, and our trip to see Arcade Fire. We also recount our time with a terrible cheeseburger and giggle about how into House of Cards we are.

Finally, we present a drinking challenge to our listeners.

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